Operation Silk Purse Candidates (an admission)

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Operation Silk Purse Candidates (an admission)

Postby Coiler12 » Sun Apr 19, 2015 10:43 am

So, I mentioned in a blog post about my stalled "Operation Silk Purse", or plans to make bad works of fiction into (hopefully) good Command scenarios. Here are some of the candidates. I'll start with the most problematic:

-Tauran Air Campaign-

This would be based off of the works of Tom Kratman, namely the conventional phase of his Terra Nova campaign. Basically, "Panama" is attacked by the "European Union" and "China" (Tauran Union and Zhong Guo, the latter being the literal Mandarin name for China), and faces an air campaign.

-What it was in the book-

Published last year, but largely written in the 1990s, from the perspective of a turtle. Spelled out two books in advance by a monologue, the "Panamanian" (or Balboan, to use the right term), response to the air campaign is to (and I'm not making this up)

Make no effort to respond to the vast bulk of the strikes. The entire system is completely passive, hidden (in superbunkers, because Kratman loooves forts and digging in) until the right moment, when the ground-based AA all emerges and fighters (namely MiG-17s somehow upgraded) are vertically launched to smash them. Then the enemy switches to more escort-heavy and less efficient packages, and the defenders go back to getting bombed.

(Of course, the air defenses are being 'saved' for the Grand Plan, because we all know how well that worked out for the IJN)

-What the Command scenario would have been like-

Well, most of the Rube Goldberg platforms weren't there :D .
I was having "Panama" use a mixture of MiG-29s and the Indian upgraded MiG-21s, backed by a heavy SAM network. Which side would have been playable I never got around to doing, since I just used editor goofing.
Would have been a "Shamal"-style huge air/ground set piece.

One issue, besides the ones mentioned in the post, was that I was basing the European planes out of Caribbean islands. Thus many required aerial refueling, which was clunkier in earlier builds. Another was the question of what specific platforms to use-contemporary ones for when the book was published, or 90s ones when most of it was written?
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