HELP Cold War Continued Facilites

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HELP Cold War Continued Facilites

Postby butch4343 » Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:29 am

All just in case anyone is interested

I undertook a few weeks ago to create a list of NATO / Warsaw Pact/ Neutral Airfields and AD Radar Sites, on the basis of a continuing cold war. I used the excellent 1989 NATO and WP Orbat documents available online. Its a work in progress.

I have lots of WP facilities yet to add, the neutrals of Findland and Yugoslav Radar Sites. I need to add some RAF , all the dutch and spanish AFB.

AD radars have been updated on the basis of the cold war continuing into the 2000's, my latest update is available here: ... age=2&key=

I would be grateful of any feedback you might have.

On a side note , a very talented individual over on the matrix forum created a web based browser for creating units, my problem with it is , I can create and export the units and add them too the import export folder, when I load them, from the export list CMNAO shows this has completed , however the units dont appear on the map screen.

I would be most obliged if another user could try to add a unit using it and tell me if it works, that way I can work out if its me doing something wrong or its something else

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