Old Harpooner buys new game

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Old Harpooner buys new game

Postby TSLEX » Mon Jul 18, 2016 8:01 pm

Just a nod to say hello to all here.

I played countless hours on every version of the computer based Harpoon game and now, many years later, I've come on board with Command.

Vaguely daunted as any new player might be, I am looking forward to getting immersed once again. I'm grateful for this forum and Baloogan's excellent tutorials, which I'm consuming at fastest rate possible.

Any wisdom for newbies -- besides laying in a good supply of whisky and pipe tobacco (CHECK) -- would be welcome, but I'll figure on climbing the learning curve until, I hope, I am ready to start contributing to the community. (I've been noodling this scenario where the collision between the Baton Rouge and the Kostroma off Kildin Island didn't end quite so peacefully.)
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