2 out of 3 French favorable to Mistral delivery to Russia

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2 out of 3 French favorable to Mistral delivery to Russia

Postby JanMasterson » Wed Jan 21, 2015 7:23 pm

http://www.meretmarine.com/fr/content/d ... bpc-russes

A survey conducted from the 9 to 12 January reveal that 64% of interviewees wish that France deliver the ships it have bought to Russia, 36% estimate that it shouldn't.
75% of interviewees reckon that refusing to deliver the ships wouldn't be efficient to solve the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, 25% thinking the opposite.

This survey also tend to show that the public opinion have integrated the potential repercussion of a non-delivery or even of a too long delay on France's position in the world's military equipment market.

72% of the surveyed person estimate that the delay will "hamper the French defense industry" and, for 69% of them, "will benefit to France's competitor like the USA and the UK".
56% thinks a refusal will "degrade France's reputation on the export market" and, for 77% of them, “will have direct negative consequences for employment on France’s shipyards”.

A window of opportunity to deliver the Vladivostok ?

It’s still unknown what the Elysée will decide. Proponents of the delivery think that François Hollande currently enjoy a favorable sequence as the French public opinion is no more an obstacle, quite the contrary, since that affair is not making the headlines anymore since the attacks that have happened in France. Also, given the context, Paris can probably expect a more measured reaction from its partners (Americans notably) whom have so far shown a strong opposition to the ships’ delivery.

Contractual deadlines : still a few weeks of respite.

One must not forgot the financial aspect. Russians, as they already indicated, won’t miss the opportunity to require repayment of sums already paid and the payment of payment of substantial penalties if France refuse to deliver their BPC. A threat that remain outstanding as the French have enforced some clauses to cover themselves for some weeks if not months.

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